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This is us

The LWL-Jugendhilfezentrum Marl is one of three youth welfare institutions of the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL).



We offer our services for children, adolescents, and families at 30 different locations.


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Message from the LWL-JHZ

Dear colleagues, Dear friends, partners, and followers,

At LWL-JHZ Marl, we define our humanistic stance through various guiding principles. Summarized:

"We shape our actions within a liberal-democratic framework and respect the diversity of different life paths."

We stand in solidarity with each other and raise our voice for diversity, freedom, and our democratic values. We condemn all activities and populist slogans that undermine our free, tolerant, and democratic society.

As employees in youth welfare, we keenly feel our responsibility for the future of children and adolescents, socially disadvantaged individuals, young people with disabilities, and refugees seeking protection.

We aim to uphold the constitutional rights of our liberal-democratic order, both for ourselves and for the young people entrusted to us, ensuring that the next generation can live in a society of solidarity, freedom, and self-determination.

We are making a statement for democracy, freedom, and diversity!

Our ares in child and youth welfare


Here you can find our intensive and regular offers in the residential care sector

Junge und Mädchen


Flexible assistance - at three locations

Junge der klettert

Day groups

Get to know our day groups


Neighborhood-oriented social work

Making a difference in the neighbourhood


Foster family counseling

Join us - Become a foster family at JHZ

Familie am Strand

Café Haus Granat - Job training (AZAV)

Certified job training - Come to Haus Granat

Haus Granat

Working at the LWL-Jugendhilfezentrum Marl

We are hiring

Here is where you can find our current job openings!

Entfalte deine Fachkraft in der LWL-Kinder- und Jugendhilfe

Just checking in ...

...what colleagues say about their job at JHZ


We offer more than just good payment

Find out here what makes LWL-JHZ a special employer!


Our locations

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Unsere Standorte

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Rappaportstraße 8b, 45768 Marl

Zur Verwaltung

Granatstraße 700, 45721 Haltern am See

Zum Haus Granat

Bismarckstraße 174, 45888 Gelsenkirchen

Zur Tagesgruppe Gelsenkirchen

Dillbrinkstraße 28, 45894 Gelsenkirchen

Zur Tagesgruppe Gelsenkirchen

Max-Planck-Straße 21a, 45768 Marl

Zur Tagesgruppe Marl

Wulfener Markt 5, 46286 Dorsten

Zum Kinder-, Jugendlichen- und Familienzentrum

Borkener Straße 130, 46284 Dorsten

Zur mobilen Jugendhilfe Holsterhausen

Brassertstraße 91, 45768 Marl

Zum Stadtteilbüro Marl-Brassert